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Get your PID or GPID by signing up to Adult FriendFinder's affiliate program. Then enter your PID or GPID in the box below. Optionally enter a SUB PID of your choice (any text string) if you want to track the sales that come specifically from Click the Update button to update all your banner codes with your PID/GPID (and SUB PID) and then copy and paste these banner codes directly into your website.

Promote using PID or GPID:   and SUB PID:




Anchor Banners - Toolbar Chat Banner (See Bottom of Page for Example)


Optional Tags:

The following options can be added or edited within the query strings in the codes above

&skin= (Sets the skin type. Values are 0 = Solid Silver (default); 1 = Gradient Silver; 2 = Solid Orange; 3 = Gradient Orange; 4 = Solid Red; 5 = Gradient Red. Example: &skin=1)

&freq_cap= (Frequency Capping: Set how often this banner displays (in hours), on each reload, after user closes the banner. Example: &freq_cap=2)

&win_popups= (Number of times a day to open the chat tab for each user (cookied). Example: &win_popups=100).

&chat_tab1= (Open first chat tab after this number of seconds. Example: &chat_tab1=3)

&chat_tab2= (open consecutive chat tabs after this number of seconds. Set the value to -1 if you do not want the chat tab to re-open after the user closes it. Example: &chat_tab2=3)

&audio= (Sets audio tone on popup. Values are 1 = audio on; 0 audio off. Example: &audio=1)

&banner_width=small (Sets a small popup banner. Ommit this tag for astandard banner width.)

&photo= (Photo type: 1 = PG + erotic; 2 = PG Only; 3 = Explicit. Note that the &explicit=1 tag must also be added for explicit content. Example: &photo=3&explicit=1)

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